Fiber Optic In Sewer Lines

In an existing infrastructure where there is new requirement for Fiber Optic Network, ODASCO offers a very unique Solution for installing Fiber Optic cable in the existing sewer& Water Surface Drains.

Such Existing Sewer/Drainage channels are used as a conduit/raceway to carry the fiber optic cable, thus costly excavations and time consuming permits for construction work are avoided.

Method of Installation.

  • The host pipeline should be cleaned by using a water jetting truck with automatic water recycling system, that is done by Wiedemann Middle East (a sister company).
  • The actual installation begins with an accurate examination of the pipeline using a CCTV system.
  • Fiber Optic cable can be settled in the middle of the pipeline or attached to the pipeline upper structure.


Advantages of using Fiber Optic in pipeline assets.  

  • Fiber Optic Cable can be laid in almost all types of pipelines (sewer and surface drains).
  • Underground sewer system is a safe and secure conduit.
  • Maximizes the value of the existing assets.
  • Unique and innovative way of implemenataion, which minimizes construction abocve the ground.
  • Quick deploymnet allows easy planning