Fiber optic network

ODASCO as a fast growing organization in Instrumentation and Control has expanded its services to include Fiber Optic technology to accommodate the ever-growing demand for Data communication & etworking solutions.

To realize the objective of having the best standard in iber Optic technology ODASCO personnel have gone through extensive training with the instructions from qualified instructors and experienced engineers from Corning & Pirelli Cable Systems. & Pirelli Cable Systems.

ODASCO offers variety of services in the Fiber Optic field :

  • Consultancy and full network designs in LA, WA solutions, Fiber Optic installation and remote access solutions./li>
  • Providing full FTTH, FTTX and GPON solutions to both residential and industrial fields.
  • Conduit rodding, cleaning, and cable pulling
  • Underground conduit construction
  • Supply of all Fiber Optic related equipment.
  • Testing, commissioning and Training services.

Fiber Optic technology in Sewer Lines

In an existing infrastructure where there is new requirement for iber Optic etwork ODASCO offers a very unique Solution for installing Fiber Optic cable in the existing sewer& Water Surface Drains. Existing sewer channels are used as a conduit carrying the fiber optic cable, thus costly excavations and time consuming permits for construction work are avoided.


Method of Installation

The host pipeline should be cleaned by using a water jetting truck with automatic water recycling system, that is done by Wiedemann Middle East (a sister company).

The actual installation begins with an accurate examination of the pipeline using a CCTV system.

Fiber Optic cable can be settled in the middle of the pipeline or attached to the pipeline upper structure.

Advantages of using Fiber Optic in pipeline assets:


Fiber Optic Cable can be laid in almost all types of pipelines (sewer and surface drains).


Underground sewer system is a safe and secure conduit.


Maximizes the value of the existing assets.


Unique and innovative way of implementation, which minimizes construction abocve the ground.


Quick deployment allows easy planning.


Today›s wireless networks are more complex and needs to be designed and built to support a variety of applications including real-time location services, asset tracking, video surveillance and VoIP (voice over IP) and much more upcoming future technologies. ODASCO can help you create a network to support any of these applications as either a stand-alone system or as part of a multi-use network.

ODASCO provides turnkey wireless network solutions, including all services and the requirements, project design & procurement to testing and commissioning. We have deployed multiple Wi- i technologies, completed upgrades and improved network complexity. ou can rely on ODASCO for the products, solutions, services and training sessions in means of network designs and support.

Our Wireless services includes the following :

Structural cabling

ODASCO offers wide range of services in structural cabling field, we handle projects of all sizes, from the simplest service call to the most demanding construction project.


Our veteran team of designers & project managers are well versed in, and strictly adhere to all the latest National Electric Code standards and practices and all installation services are performed by skilled labor to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

All installations are fully tested and certified using the latest test equipment and carry a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty from ODASCO.

ODASCO offers a full complement of voice, data and video structured cabling solutions including: