Industrial automation

Scada systems

Distributed Control System (DCS) and SCADA

With more than Twenty years’ experience, ODASCO is a leader in control system integration and control system solution optimization. We provide the best control solutions via variety of industrial control system arts, that suit different industries and applications.

SCADA system

We provide SCADA software programming for water, wastewater, industrial and manufacturing. We are specialized in PLC programming, MI application development, historical data management and reporting systems. We use standard programming blocks and languages as per applications vendor standard. Moreover, and as a system integrator, every project is designed to our customer needs and is therefore unique.


Our range of services include:


ODASCO services include detailed design drawings for instrumentation and control panels, motor control centers, P&IDs, I/O loops, power distribution, networking and communications.

Advantages of using ODASCO’s SCADA service:


Improve reliability: Our designs focus on providing primary and backup monitoring and control around the clock, using different redundancy hardware and software options at all levels.


Decrease costs: We design centralized SCADA solutions that help you significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs.


Protect existing investments: We consider your future expansion when designing a SCADA system, making sure to incorporate a migration path that will enable you to meet growing population and regulatory demands.


Single-source solution for your project: We provide you the entire SCADA package fully integrated, consistent and free of incompatibility issues.


DC system: The range of services offered are from large DCS/PLC system & network installation and programming, to small modifications and fine tuning of DCS/PLC controlled plants in the industrial automation and process controls industry.


Qualified staff: Staff with up-to-date technical knowledge that enables them to relate software and hardware solutions to real-world engineering applications.

Leak detection system

ODASCO real time leak detection software developed by ydraulic and I&C Engineers based on diverse hydraulic studies and calculations, that are generated and anticipated from pressurized or gravity pipelines. ODASCO leak detection system reduces false alarms while still detecting the leaks or imbalance flow through the pipeline.

Using the data provided from the available field instruments (such as : Flow meter, Pressure, acoustics Sensor, temperature ...etc.), ODASCO Leak Detection Software has the capability to monitor the pipelines state continuously under all kinds of operating conditions, such as : flow start, intermediate MOV open/close, flow stoppage and with no flow in the pipeline.


ODASCO Leak Detection system covers up the following applications:


ODASDCO leak detection system is not limited to software analysis, we can provide full Site survey, case study and turnkey solutions for each individual case, as below :

Fiber Optic Leak Detection System

ODASCO offers a second type of Leak detection System, using the buried fiber cable beneath a liquid pipeline or buried above a gas pipeline system, the fiber optic system

LDS offers a comprehensive solution to pipeline integrity monitoring and inspection, providing pipeline leak early warning through ground movement and intrusion detection over the entire length of the pipeline through fiber Optic Sensors.


Leakages are associated to abnormal local temperature changes. The iber Optic system can detect significant local temperature changes (detection limit < 0.1%).



For new pipelines where accurate leak detection and localization is essential in order to prevent loss of valuable assets and negative impact to environment.


Through our integrated instrumentation department we deliver complete projects and maintenance services to companies throughout the Middle East.


To achieve the optimal performance, we are using the most famous brands of instruments in West Europe, Japan and the US to cover the following fields:

  • Water Transmission Pipeline.
  • Desalination Plants & Oil Refinery.
  • Factory (Food, Chemical, Steel, Petrochemical…etc.).


ODASCO provides turnkey solutions in instrumentation works, including :

  • Designing the instrumentation network as per the hydraulic study.
  • Supply, Site installation and generating hookup drawing to achieve the optimum site installation with minimum duration.
  • Testing, commissioning and training services.
  • Maintenance service contracts for different types of instruments and Actuators.