NABAT - Hydroponics by ODASCO

Nabat – A Step Towards Tomorrow‘s Future!

We at ODASCO have always believed in Innovations and using our vast experience in the field of Industrial Automation and Advancements, we have compartmentalized a hydroponic system in a Seaworthy Cargo Container which is Integrated with Automation System and software in order to fully automate the process of Hydroponic Farming.

NABAT - Delivering Latest technologies in Hydroponic agriculture (Made in UAE)

By doing this, we enable a system which can be monitored real time with its daily progress and raise alarms if any of the process has been side-tracked which in turn ensured that maximum efficiency is achieved.

Below are some features of NABAT :

To meet with the highest standards of safety, our team of skilled engineers can devise schemes and provide solutions for the proper earthing of all distribution panels, control panels and instrumentation. Moreover, we provide complete solution for routing, laying and termination of single phase and three-phase signal and power cables upto 415V.


ODASCO electrical Department utilizes the latest technologies in lighting systems along with installation techniques that ensure safe and long operation of your lighting system.


  • Water Transmission Pipeline.
  • Street and bridge lighting.
  • Hotels, Hospitals and Shopping Centers.
  • Residential Buildings and Villas.
  • Industrial Premises.

ODASCO Lighting services

  • Supply and Design as per the client requirements for the light distribution.
  • Complete advanced lighting control systems independti or as part of BMS system
  • Training and service contracts