Power Reduction Package

ODASCO provides yet another exceptional service to commercial and governmental end users. Offering a complete Power Saving Solutions, Including but not limited to Enhancing and replacing existing electrical powered systems, generating in-house renewable Power and more...


We at ODASCO provide a complete power saving solution through our "Power Reduction Package", the package inlcudes the following systems combined :

- Complete Energy Managemnt and Audit through ODASCO's PMMS systems (Power Monitoring Management System).

- Load Shedding System.
Load Shedding helps maintain the desired Hotel average peak and manages hotel emergency  consumption incase of power outage

- Replacing/Enhansing existing aged or non efficient Electrical powered systems.
Enhancing the HVAC and lighting load design based on actual needs.

- HVAC energy saving through Renewable - GeoThermal Systems.

- Battery bank - Peak shaving system.
Storing energy at peaks and deploying stored energy at precise times

- Generating in House Power.
Through Installing Solar photovoltaic Systems in available footprints,

1.Car Parking areas

2.Big Terrace & Balconies

3.Available Roof Area

4.Or as a new roof floor